Peter Read Miller Photography Class - Day 5

Original post from November 2013

Day 5 - This morning's critiques were not very long, before I knew it we were checking equipment out and heading north to Alpharetta to shoot some mountain biking. It was very random and last minute so no locations were really scouted out so we had to wing it. We used some flash equipment since it was a heavily wooded area. After that we raced back downtown to shoot a high school football game (Westminster vs. Lovett).

Gear used:
* Canon 5D Mk II
* Canon 1DX
* Canon EF 2.8 24-70
* Canon EF 2.8 70-200 IS
* Canon EF 2.8 400 IS
* Canon 600 EX-RT Flash

Lovett / Westminster Football
Lovett / Westminster Football

Mountain Biking
Mountain Bikingl