Peter Read Miller Photography Class - Day 4

Original post from November 2013

Day 4 - After the morning critiques we were given a small presentation on setting up of arena strobes. The whole setup was very cool and not as difficult to set up as I thought. That afternoon we headed over to Pace Academy in Buckhead to photograph basketball practice after setting up some strobes in the gym. Since we only had one remote setup I only got to shoot a couple of shots using the strobes. A lot of fun none the less.....

Gear used:
* Canon 5D Mk II
* Canon 1DX
* Canon EF 2.8 24-70
* Canon EF 2.8 70-200 IS
* Canon EF 2.8 400 IS
* Dynalite Powerpack AP-1600 w/ AR-0045 Heads

Pace Academy Basketball
Pace Academy Basketballl