Cool little HDR trick with the iPhone

Normal exposure

HDR corrected image

I found a cool little trick to really enhance photos that I take with my iPhone. I take a photo and pull it into an HDR app like True HDR. Typically when you use this software you take two pictures one where you use the light point in the photo to expose on and then another one where you expose on the darkest point. After you take the shots, you merge the two together and get a really nice looking HDR photo. Well I've been experimenting with taking just one shot and merging it with the exact same shot and the results are surprising. As you can see the first picture is a normal shot of the Apple cube in New York City, the second shot is the same shot merged on top of itself. The results are really cool, the colors really pop out in the photo. It will be interesting to see how the new iOS coming out next week(with HDR inclusive for the iPhone's camera) handles shots like this compared to 3rd party apps.