Thoughts on Apple's new fall lineup......

iOS 4 update - I can't wait for this update, supposedly a software fix for the proximity issue.  I've struggled with this issue and can't wait for this fix.  HDR functionality for the camera, this is a surprise and could be huge if it really does HDR.  I've used other 3rd party apps for this on my iPhone so it'll be interesting to see how it compares with those apps.  Apple may become a good competitor/innovator in point and shoot camera market before long.   

Ipod refresh:

  • Shuffle - nice look and feel, it just keeps getting smaller and price point is very nice.
  • Nano - love this new look, touch screen now and no more click wheel, FM radio(nice little add-on) definitely worthy of adding to the collection.
  • iTouch - or should I say the iPhone for anyone not using AT&T?!?  Camera feature is finally included, it will take very nice video but the still shot capability will be marginal at best.

iTunes 10 - it has a cool looking icon....I just downloaded it and played around with Ping (the Apple social network) I did not get to play around with it enough to give an opinion about it just yet.   

Apple TV - aka... Apple's hobby?  It's a very cool idea, nice price point at $99 but I don't think it's quite there yet or at least at the point to make me want to jump out and reserve one.  I really think to make this fly off the shelves, it needs to be able to use the apps from the app store.  If it can connect to iTunes and uses iOS then you should be able to run apps off of it.  MLB app running off of this through AirPlay to my HDTV would be pretty awesome, might even make me want to pony up for the $100 subscription fee to see any of the games on demand.  Also with the rumors of HBO creating a pay on demand iPad app, makes this idea even more compelling.  Maybe this is what the future holds, who knows?!?

Overall, it was a really good lineup announcement.  The new nano intrigues me and the iOS demos of what is to come were really nice, great software options for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch coming down the road that is for sure!